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DIY Coaching Package

     With the DIY Coaching Package, Lori will coach the client and/or family through a whole house de-clutter. This will add value to a home for resale and/or life-long training skills for children and the family. 

DIY Coaching Package

Lori will coach and help for three hours. Then she will assign homework to be done prior to the next session.

Organizer- Physically or Virtually There   


6 Sessions

18 Hours Total

(6) 3 Hour Sessions



3 Sessions


9 Hours Total

3(3) Hour Sessions


(DIY Sessions require a $100 consultation walk-through (virtually) of the home prior to the first session which will be taken off the package when it is paid for. DIY Sessions are paid in full at first session and expire one year from date of payment. The completion of a whole house de-cluttering will depend on the size of house, motivation/physical ability of the clients, as well as session availability). 

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